The Hidden Power to Your Success: Consistency

By Joe Rutland It’s often difficult to start a new habit or change an old behavior. There are enough books and courses online that will teach you about planning your day, planning your night, organizing your home, filtering through paperwork, and on and on it goes. In the midst of a lot of busywork, though, there lies what I believe is a hidden secret to anyone’s success. Getting into detail about this secret, though, calls for a little reflection on your part. Look at the people you admire, whether alive or dead. Reading about their successes and failures teaches powerful lessons for life. People will talk about “getting into a groove” and how it feels good. Writing, for me, comes a lot better when I am in a groove or in the flow. Words and phrases come quite easily because I’m sitting down to have a written conversation with you. By the way, it also helps to have a lot of experience as a writer in the back pocket too. Read the entire article HERE !

How Finding Your Calling Changes Everything

By John C. Maxwell I want to start by asking you a question: How do you currently think about what you do for a living? Yale professor Amy Wrzesniewski has done research with employees in the workplace and observed that people tend to fall into three groups. What’s remarkable is that individuals sort into these categories regardless of the industry, the social status of their profession, their pay or their title. In a study, roughly equal numbers of administrative assistants surveyed fell into these three categories , and employees who mopped floors in a hospital were just as likely to see themselves aligned in one of these three groups. Think about which best describes you.